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Waterside security and surveillance systems

Founded in 2007 Tetis Integrated Systems LTD. is specialized in turnkey solutions for protection of high value assets from water side threats. Protected assets include naval bases, offshore oil and drilling rigs, sea and river ports and harbors, nuclear and hydro power plants, major state and private industrial facilities.

Our product range includes intruder detections sonars, high frequency radars for small target detection, infrared and day time video systems, magnetic detection systems, ground seismic detection systems to provide reliable all weather day/night security coverage over and under water areas.

Also we provide both air and underwater acoustic hailers, physical boat barriers to prevent intrusion in protected areas.

Tetis Integrated Systems is prime contractor of diving and special equipment for military and law enforcement agencies for counter-terrorist application.

Our waterside security and surveillance systems is currently deployed by government and private customers for protection of naval base facilities, nuclear and hydro power plants, ports and harbors.