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NEPTUNE scanning/imaging sonar

NEPTUNE high frequency sound imaging sonar has been designed for real-time detecting, monitoring and tracking underwater objects in low and zero visibility conditions. NEPTUNE is intended for use in different applications – ROV navigation, object/target detection, obstacle avoidance, search and rescue, underwater inspection, etc.

NEPTUNE can be stationary deployed on seabed tripod or using manual pole/portable mount system.

Key features

  • Crisp, real time like sonar imagery
  • Improved target identification
  • Quick and easy integration

System configuration

  • NEPTUNE sonar head
  • Sonar cable
  • Switching box
  • Ethernet cable
  • PC with SonoVizNet software
  • Carrying case

Operating Conditions

Ambient air temperature range (°Ñ)

-20 to +50

Water temperature range (°Ñ)

-4 to +35

Carrier speed during survey (knots)

up to 2


Operating frequency

450 kHz

Max. coverage range (m)

up to 100

Scan sector (degrees)

45 x 15

Number of beams


Range resolution at a distance of up to 20 m (cm)


Power supply

9 to 36 V, 30 W

Weight in air (kg)

up to 6

Dimensions (mm)

245 x 234 x 95


NEPTUNE scanning/imaging sonar NEPTUNE scanning/imaging sonar NEPTUNE scanning/imaging sonar