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Tetis Group of companies was founded in 1991 and it integrates the leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of underwater, fire-fighting, search and rescue equipment, waterside security and surveillance systems as well as emergency medical equipment in Russia and CIS countries.

Tetis Group integrated development strategy and coordination enable us to offer a comprehensive approach and provide customized solutions to meet the most complex requirements. Our aim is to supply the most reliable and advanced equipment for diving, search and rescue, fire-fighting and military agencies of our country.

We are grateful to our customers and partners for their confidence in the quality of our products and service. We are interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation with leading manufacturers and suppliers all over the world.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tetis Group
Alexey Panferov

TETIS PRO - is the core company of Tetis Group, founded in 1991. Underwater Equipment Department has been specializing in design, manufacture and supply of a full range of up-to-date domectic and foreign-made underwater equipment, diving systems and life support systems.

Emergency medicine Department has been specializing in design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of medical ventilation apparatus and multiple hyperbaric chambers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, multiple patient monitor, oxygen equipment for hospitals and ambulance, ECG, ultrasound scanners etc.

For over 55 years, manufacturing plant KAMPO has been the leading Russian designer and commercial manufacturer of breathing systems for aerospace, emergency medicine, diving and fire fighting.

Breathing systems was founded in 1998 to provide supply and maintenance of compressed air breathing apparatus, high pressure air compressors, personal protective products and fire-fighting equipment manufactured by KAMPO

Company NPP RIF since 1982, has been developing and manufacturing sonar equipment, seismic security systems and packaged software.

Waterside Security and Surveillance Systems Department has been specializing in terroristic risk assessment. design, manufacture, supply, installation and service of water security and surveillance systems for high value assets.